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Custom Homes

Our clients often tell us that they chose to build a custom home because what they were not finding a home on the market that was meeting their needs. With a limited supply of for sale houses in Vermont, people are often forced to make compromises when buying a home. Many people know that the best way to find exactly what you are looking for is to build a custom home, but the process can often seem overwhelming. Fortunately for you, working with a company with decades of experience building custom homes makes the process much easier.

Our Custom Home Philosophy


We are proud to say that every house that we build is completely unique. Unlike some builders, there is no book of blueprints to pick from or a list of standard options. The beauty of a custom home is being able to build something around your lifestyle instead of designing your lifestyle around a home. A well appointed kitchen can make those Sunday dinners more manageable. An office that doubles also as a guest room will make visitors more comfortable and allow you to maximize use of the space. A south-facing home with a solar system will minimize your carbon footprint.​ We will work with you to understand your lifestyle and needs in order build you the perfect home.

The Home Building Process

Land Selection​

If you have already acquired a piece of land that is great, but if you don't know where to start we can help. After choosing the perfect piece of land we will help you choose a design that is well suited for the land.


Whether you already have an architect or are just starting the process we can help. We partner with our clients' and their architects to help create a unique home that meets their lifestyle. If you don't have an architect we will collaborate with our trusted partners to design your home. Because of the great relationships we have with our clients, you will have the ability to tour houses we have built and speak to homeowners in order to help develop your vision of your perfect home.


Once we have a shared vision of your home and the blueprints in hand we will get started on building your home. Our experts carpenters work together with our trusted partners to create your home. Attention to detail is paramount and your complete satisfaction is our goal. We will keep you involved throughout the process where you will have the opportunity to see the work in progress and make many choices along the way.


The quality of craftsmanship in a Tom Moore Builder home will ensure that you are enjoying your home for years to come.


"Tom clearly loves what he does - helping people create their dream homes. What we wound up with was exactly what was promised. In fact, it far exceeded our expectations. I love the look on people's faces when they walk into our home for the first time."

Nancy Sabo  |  Jericho, VT

Custom Home Gallery

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