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At Tom Moore Builder, our guiding principle of remodeling work is that the aesthetics and details should blend with the original structure. The finished result should look as though the original house had been designed to have been built that way. Whether you are wanting to remodel a kitchen (one of our specialties) or are looking to renovate your entire home we are the perfect partner to help bring your vision to life. From taking the time to understand the ways that you utilize your home to maximizing space and natural light, you can be assured that we will think of everything.

The Remodeling Process


In-Home Visit

The first and more important step in the remodeling process is to meet in your home and talk about the space. This is your opportunity to tell us what is working with the space and what is not. We will talk through the ways that you utilize the space and get a feel for your personal style and vision.


Depending on the extend of the remodel, we may bring in partners such as an interior designer, architect and engineer to help design a space that is aesthetically pleasing, meets your vision and is structurally sound.


We will work with you to create a building schedule that is as least disruptive to your life as possible. You can be ensured that our team of carpenters and contractors are professionals who will respect your home. Our goal is to get you into your beautiful new space as seamlessly as possible.

Remodeling Gallery

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